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CarbonScopeTubes LTD is a leading North American fabricator of large diameter tubes using high-performance carbon fiber materials. Based in Michigan, we are a small company dedicated to delivering innovative and adaptable solutions to our clients, including commercial, industrial, and governmental entities. From basic tubes to intricate structures, our team has the expertise to design and produce the most cost-effective solution to meet your specific requirements. At CarbonScopeTubes Ltd., we are committed to excellence in all that we do.
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CAGE Code: 9FWB4
DUNS: 118828043
NAICS: 335991
SIC: 3624
In business for over 30 years
Collaborative design work with your
engineering team or staff
Accustomed to fast paced problem solving and interative design
In-house design and engineering
All materials are sourced in the USA
Experts in solid wall carbon tube construction
Experienced in a variety of composites
Cutting, drilling, and bonding
Experts in economic jigging and fixturing
Close tolerance work
Prototyping and mandrel building
Fabrication of one-up and on-going projects

What sets CST apart from the competition?


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"Being in business for over 30 years has allowed us the opportunity to work with some very well know companies and institutions. We've learned a great deal from every project, large and small, and have accumulated a vast amount of skill and experience. In virtually every case, we worked very closely with the designers and engineers to come up with the most elegant and cost effective solution for the project at hand. Below are a few examples of the companies and institutions we've worked with."
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CAGE Code: 9FWB4
DUNS: 118828043
NAICS: 335991
SIC: 3624
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