Replacement Carbon Tubes For Celestron® C-14 SCTs
We occasionally offer replacement carbon fiber tubes for Celestron® C14 telescopes. These tubes are the exact same size as the original tube and are pre-drilled for easy installation. These tubes fit the orange, black, and grey series of Celestron® scopes*.
These replacement tubes are fully coated with our flat black paint process on the interior of the tube to minimize reflections.
The exterior of these tubes is clear-coated with two-part, automotive grade urethane.

*Replacement tubes for all other scopes have been discontinued due to too many variations.

Swapping out the tube is very straight forward...

Turn the focus knob to move the mirror as far back as it will go.
Lay the scope on it's side for the rest of the process and roll it as    needed.
Remove the screws that hold the corrector, then remove the corrector.
If you are nervous about touching or damaging the mirror surface during this procedure, then it would be best to disassemble the focuser assembly, remove the stop ring from the baffle tube, and remove the mirror altogether.
You now have access to the nuts and bolts holding the tube to the cells. Remove the nuts and bolt and then the tube.

This is a good time to clean your optics and re-lube the scope.

Reverse the process using the new tube.
Minor collimation will be needed to complete the process.

Dew Shields...

Carbon fiber dew shields are 16" in length and are available on an
occasional basis.

Our dew shields fits inside of the front cell. You can either
drill and tap the cell for nylon set screws or use felt tabs to
friction fit it in place. The dew shields are fully coated with our flat black paint process on the interior of the tube to minimize reflections.

I get lots of requests for carbon fiber replacement tubes for various Meade
® scopes. The problem is that the front and rear cells are glued and pressed in place making them very difficult to remove without damaging the tube and/or other components of the scope. This is not something most people want to deal with so we have decided not to invest in the tooling needed to produce these tubes.
The shipping costs listed below are for the contiguous 48 states via Ground UPS.
For reference, shipping to Canada via USPS is generally just a few dollars more than shipping within the states.
Shipping to Europe typically runs about $90.00 depending on the tube ordered and the destination country.
Other international destinations vary widely and some have strict package size limits.

Please inquire for shipping to AK, HI and all international destinations before making a purchase...

C-14 Carbon Fiber Tubes....
The C-14 tube price is $589.95 plus $49.00 shipping CONUS.

           Add Bisque Mirror Lock access holes for $25.00 (C-14 only).
If you are looking for tube sizes other than those listed above, please check our "Custom Sizes" and "Special Offers" pages.
Stay focused with carbon fiber replacement tubes from Carbon Scope Tubes dot com
Stay focused!
Photo by: Simon Kfir
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Please note that we do not stock the C-14 tubes on a regular basis. When a production run is planned, we typically post a classified ad in the "Misc. Items" catagory of the very popular Cloudy Nights astronomy website.

C-14 Carbon Fiber Dew Shield
(REDESIGNED! Lighter weight & slightly longer)...
16" long and fit inside of the corrector cell. The tube will need to be friction fit in place with felt strips or the cell can be drilled and tapped for a more secure fit. The weave and finish matches our main tubes perfectly.
Longer lengths may be available, please inquire.
$289.99 plus $39.00 shipping CONUS. Discount for combined shipping.
In stock now!
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