Very Large Diameter Carbon Fiber Tubing
From 7.5" to 25.4" Diameter
Basic Dimensions...
Please enter any comments or questions in the space below. Also, if you have not entered a wall thickness because you are unsure, give us a few details about your project so we can determine the wall thickness for you. Useful information includes scope type, mounting methods, and imaging equipment details.
I will be needing holes drilled in the tube. I'll let you know how many in the comments area and follow up with detailed drawings for the hole sizes and locations via e-mail after the initial quote.
I will be using this scope for imaging.
I would like a flat black painted finish on the interior of the tube.
I would like smooth sanded, nearly ready to paint finish on the exterior of the tube.
I would like the standard hi-gloss clear-coat finish on the exterior of the tube.
I am unsure about the wall thickness. Please review my choice based on the data below.
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Below is a list of currently available tube sizes. Choosing one of our existing sizes eliminates tooling cost. We can make custom sizes as well but the tooling cost is quite substantial. If at all possible, try to make one of the tubes sizes listed below work for your project.

Click for large custom diameter carbon fiber tubing.
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